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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yes kids, I'm not only a douche in the web, I'm the same in real life.
Meh, it's a compliment.

So obviously after reading the title, you should roughly know what this post is about. Allow me to further enlighten you on the things I'm about to type out. Yes, I've graduated from secondary school. *insert applause* So this post is dedicated to my graduation; not because I love the graduation part but because I was a complete snob to others during MOST of the four years and that experience left me feeling so satisfied.
That's what she said.

Let me use my classic pointer format to celebrate my good ole' four years.
1. Annoyed countless people in Secondary 1
2. Annoyed countless people in Secondary 2
3. Indirectly bullied fat asses. (directly too)
4. Preferences towards certain races (not racist)
5. Illogical reasoning + arguments and still wining people eventually
6. Battled tons of Facebook wars, win rate >90 %
7. Cursing blatantly
8. Creating sexual tension in my school
9. Tricked people to go to
10. Humped a teacher (imaginary one)
11. Pissed off and annoyed teachers
12. Contributed significantly to the IT club (entertainment, comedy relief)
13. Flashed timely middle fingers to people
14. Verbal abuse to a black person
15. Acted gay in front of a gay.
16. Doing stereotypical voices in front of stereotypical people.
17. Angering the elderly
18. Shouting out loud in the IT club 'Hoon Teck Puey!' (chinese song lyric)
and basically disrupting calm atmospheres.
19. Joking with people on the Internet (people call it cyber bullying, but i beg to differ)
20. Social Asshole.
 So there you go. 20 pointers. 20 reasons to celebrate myself being a turd.
Well, I may get a part time job soon. So if you see me serving you with the name tag, give a tip and let me be an asshole.
If only name changing was this easy.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The O Levels are over! Just wanted to say now I have the time to key in more blog entries!
Stay tuned!
Good ole' Steve!