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Monday, December 16, 2013


Hey guys! It's been a while now since I made a poem and I thought it would be a great time to do one now. And it would about...the one and only...MORGAN FREEMAN.
Damn...I look good.
So please...enjoy the poem.

Morgan Morgan, the voice of gold,
it is only your voice that we behold,
your vocal chords sure are fine,
so much so that it became divine.
Soothing and calm is your voice,
because your voice is the only choice,
for us to hear and us to feel
whether in real or whether in reel.

Morgan Morgan, you make anything sound good,
your vocals just made me lose my manhood,
girls get wet when they hear you speak,
so why not give them what they seek ;)
The voice of god is finally heard,
and it's a guy with a beard,
no it's not just another guy,
it's the guy who sounds made us hell.

Morgan Morgan, the one and only,
can you please say 'I like ponies?'
nobody comes close to how you sound,
because your bass is where it's going down.
Your voice deepens with emotions,
making men get random erections,
it probably sounds wrong now that I said it,
but your voice may just harden tits.

Morgan Morgan, you're the man,
you can do what others can't
The brink of awesomeness fills your throat,
because even pianos don't hit the right note.

Shine bright like a diamond.
Also, you can see a Youtube video of me narrating the poem in MORGAN FREEMAN's VOICE!