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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hey guys! Just so you know, it's only a few hours more to...
The countdown begins!
And as usual...I sincerely wish all my viewers a very happy new year! May 2014 be an awesome year ahead of you! However, this post isn't ending here because I have my own resolutions for 2014! Here are some of them:
1. Gain weight (again, because I prolly weigh 50 kg still)
2. Be in good health
3. Get a girlfriend (optional)
4. Have sex (optional)
5. Have a smooth path of education.
6. Grow my Youtube channel! (to around 1000 subs!)
If you wanna help out, click my channel in the link below and leave a like, fav, comment and most importantly, subscribe!
Once again, have a happy new year guys!
More awesome stuff coming up next year on my blog! Stick around! :D