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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I know my blog has hit 10,000 views and above, and to thank you guys for helping me reach the goal, I present to you a blog post you will rarely see from me in any occasion because whatever is mentioned here is completely honest and from my point of view. So let's get started.
I'd pat him.

The real reason why I created this blog, which was 4 years back, in 2009-2010 was because I wanted to impress someone I liked in my Secondary One class. (that person was definitely not Indian nor Malay, but rather she was Chinese. If you thought of a 'he', you must have some sexual problems.) Nevertheless, I don't really feel ashamed to say it out aloud, but obviously I won't be naming people in this for it is just a casual post and not some dedicated confession. At that point of time, my blog wasn't called 'MindOfLincoln', but rather it was called 'WhashuppRubbaFace', *if I'm not wrong* and that title was clearly inspired by what my crush called me when she saw my email nickname 'RubbaFace'. At first, I decided to use my blog to impress my crush, but she didn't buy it. Hence, I decided that I should do some parodies after I made fun of my Indian classmate with a song in which I was rewarded with a smack to my back. Therefore, you can understand why my blog is half-filled with parodies and half-filled with satire as well as nonsense. 
Lousy caption is lousy.

As time went by, I didn't really liked my crush anymore, it was just puppy love. I know you guys must be thinking : 'Woah, this dude's a complete douchebag/asshole that annoys people, how can he be so romantic and stuff like that?'. Truth is, I am super nice when I want to be nice, but you should obviously know why trolling is good for your health. As a result, I decided to revamp my blog to MindOfLincoln, in which a more 'matured' *I know it's a lie* person would take control of this used-to-be parody blog. In Secondary Two, one of my classmates told me I was constantly stared at by another female student, whom I will not name, and to my amusement, I didn't give a single sh*t at all. No really. However, due to my psychic abilities (more of situational awareness and logical inference), I managed to actually catch her staring at me. Now at that time, I only had two options. One,  which was to not give half a sh*t, which might lead to either further infatuation or just completely nothing or two, which was to pretend to give a sh*t, in which I did. Body language really matters and well, clearly I could tell by now the 'staring' thing wasn't a coincidence. I'm not saying I liked her, get this clear, but rather I was aware of my current situation. And because I'm such a oh-so-good troll, I decided to message her and ask her whether she liked me, in which I told her who I was. Ultimately, the response was no, accompanied by huge signals of disgust and annoyance. Nevertheless, it didn't really bother me. But clearly it wasn't the end as I had predicted. Do note that through this post, you should know I would have deduced certain things by certain time frames. I just want to sound humble LOL.
Throughout the year, there was constant stares, brush-offs (physical contact in which I was repelled to) and maybe even gossip. (not maybe, definitely). I also detested greatly, the perfume my crush put on. And yes, I did put on a great act in front and behind of her to act the least bit interested when I really wasn't interested. Really.
Just felt like it.

Sorry if you had to read this long, but I'll end this post very shortly. At that point I was very clear I didn't like my crush for a simple reason. I'm not going to say it, but it's definitely not about me being a racist. *I lied*
Nah, seriously. If reality actually meant anything to her, she'd be the last person to face it. Trust me. It's as if I could read a book inside out, which I thoroughly did to my crush and realized that she was clearly out of my criteria. *Yes, it's an insult*. Another notable event is that I single-handedly, or maybe with the help of 2-3 people, owned the living sh*t out of my crush and her group as they had literally put a dustbin on my classmate's head which angered me. And when I'm angry, sh*t happens. No doubt. I chanted rather direct insults to them and obviously my crush, being a coward, stood there completely silent and awestruck. But all that's happened has already happened. All that matters is that I annoyed people like a skillful douchebag and I created this blog thanks to the first person I like. Without her, I'd probably be blog-less, much so to say having a 'kickass guide' with 10,000 views. I guess it's all about fate isn't it? 
-Lincoln. *This has to be one of the rarest post ever*