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Friday, January 11, 2013

Bad start to school, more impressions, sexual jokes

Yes, as you can see, I'm not really enthusiastic about this blog post because firstly, this week of school didn't really go well due to crappy test marks influenced by holiday partying and just really really bullsh*t tests with extreme difficulties. I also broke a lab thermometer and this was really getting to me now...all this bad luck hype. Nevertheless, it's still only the first week of school and my spirit wasn't going to be dampened by all this.
Just so you know, I've learnt about 20-25 impressions of different accents as well as renowned people which I often use to my advantage to troll or irritate people in continuous succession. Some of these impressions include KSI's 'sacre bleu!' which I already posted on my blog, and your friendly neighbourhood gay cowboy as well as the 'Oh no she di'nt!' sassy mama.
NOTE that the below portion of this post might make no relevant sense whatsoever, so read at your own risk. You've been advised. Somehow. Wanna grab a meal at Subway?
Another fun thing to note is that I had a day full of sexual jokes with my friends and one of them told me that the air comprises of a small percentage of breast milk due to mothers breast-feeding babies and evaporation occuring. I also told them that you could make bean curd by collecting 'boob-milk'/breast milk into a container and putting it into a freezer.
Completely senseless crap.
Some jokes were plain funny, others were just really stupid and weird. One example was that my friend's friend kept talking about alien sex and how cool it'd be if he had testicles on his head and both female and male sexual organs. My friend LOL'd so hard and said the alien would be a dick head, with the testicle reference. Apart from that, all went fine and I will now take a rest.
Remember, breast milk is good for your soul. BREAST (BLESS) YOU.