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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Technically, NASA said no. So yeah, apart from the superstitious and myth believing Mayans, I'm sure we won't burn out into flames or freeze into an ice cube.
But, just for the sake of everyone, let's speculate whether the Earth will end on 21st of December, which is just one day away from us. It doesn't seem likely though, because Family Guy is still running and Romney hasn't become president yet. *Sorry, Republicans*. Isn't it obvious that the world will end when we least expect it to end? I know it is not a very scientifically plausible explanation but how many times has 'Judgement Day' looks like it was coming? Really? The last time it happened, many cult groups asked people to 'free themselves' and well, some man built Noah's Ark. It was Evan Almighty? Oh, my bad.
I Noah a guy, his name is Ark.
Apart from that cheesy joke, why would the world end on 21st December? Just because the Mayans' calendar stopped at that date doesn't mean we will die, it could mean that they didn't bother to do more calendars for the people. Heh, lazy mayans.
I believe him.
Let's just say the world DOES end on 21st December. What's so bad about it?
YOLO-ists love it, people with bad academic grades love it and even fat people love it too. In case you're wondering, they're too lazy to get up. The rest of the joke shall not be said. *coughs*
Just to prove the world won't end, here's a overview of it by the one and only NASA.


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