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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Resolutions!

We all know 2013 is coming and thus, with every new year...comes new resolutions.
Since it's the 13 we're talking about, obviously I'll have 13 new resolutions to come up with...minus Freddy Kruger. *corny joke*
Except when it's on Friday, we feel sad.
Let's cut to the chase and continue with my resolutions. 
Sorry for the capitalization, it's just that my exams are really important, as it determines where I'll go after my secondary education hence...
Nice beard.
2. HEALTH...and well wealth.
But hey, health's more important. Wealth is just something that we can do without, but if you have health, everything else is equally important. I'm still pinning some hopes into this blog, as it could, COULD, be my next full time job. I'll never know...provided I collect enough revenue from advertisements and more support from you guys to help me run this blog successfully. If that doesn't work, then...
You'll be seeing me on the streets.
3. Probably some progress in my piano.
Yes, in case some people don't know, I play the piano. It's not surprising, since I do music parodies last time. 
Currently taking grade 5/6... haven't decided yet, I guess time will tell...
But in the meantime, I'll be awesome as hell.
Relax, my piano won't die.
Positively sure I'll reach grade 8 in no time. *sarcasm*
4. Learn to cook awesome dishes.
I do like to cook, it's just that I'm lazy. Also, I have studies to deal with, exams to sort out and well, games to play. 
I agree.
5. Be uber pro at FIFA games.
I know I'm not supposed to be thinking of games at this moment, but hey...a man has targets and achievements and FIFA 13 is one of them *currently*. Yes, the whole FIFA group gets to make tons of money every year and they continue to compel us with ultimate team server problems. MONEY GRUBBERS.
Sepp's angry.
6. Try not to get a girlfriend.
I'm straight. Trust me. 
It's just that 'I've got 99 problems and a b*tch ain't one'.
Successful black man is successful.
7. Hone up my soccer skills.
It's been sometime since I last played soccer, and's good to be sporty.
If you're wondering why I like soccer, it's because you get to dribble. Yep, dribbling's my favorite part of this game and also passing. But no practice makes me look like a pile of dipsh*t.

Completely random.
8. Grow in wisdom.
Oh, so philosophical.
Enjoy the meme.
One must require wisdom..for thou is thy kickass.

9. Compose a nice musical harmony.
I did manage to compose several pleasant harmonies, and this year's no exception. 
10. Make sure we don't die in 2013.
I haven't turned 18 yet, so no. No way we'll die. 
It's 'stop'.
11. Make my own meme. 
I couldn't think of much resolutions so...

12. Watch more of my favorite shows. 
Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons, The Mentalist and even Jersey Shore.
Ace in English.
and lastly...
13. For all you readers to stay awesome! 
Whether you support my blog, whether you read it or not...have a happy new year! May great things come ahead!
Stay positive, but not HIV of course.

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