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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


If you're an avid fan of school and just feel it's great to be back then...
As said by the great Patrick Stewart.
Well, let's get started. As you all may know, education is going to burn us now in the form of a new term.
What I meant to say is, school is starting in a few days time. I'm not sure whether you guys have the same time frame as us Singaporeans, but I'm sure as hell you don't like to go to school after enjoying such a long and joyful holiday. 
Exactly how I feel. Minus the anything part.
It feels pretty assuring that we have to face another term of stress, exams and well, more exams if you're a secondary school student. As for those primary school kids, uh...
Compare your homework to ours.
It isn't completely a bad thing to go back to school, and if some of you guys are already sad by the end of this sentence, here's another picture to make you feel worst.
Great day of school.
Nah, honestly...going back to school is fun. *shivers* Well, I guess it's all about adapting to this vicious cycle of going back to school and then not giving a fvck when the school holidays start. So for all you people going back to school...get a friggin' beauty sleep or something. However, if you're known to be a notable douchebag or just a pr*ck in any way, school's good for you. Just imagine the tons of people you can annoy during recess, much less so to say in class. Muahaha.
Been there.
Just to sum it all up...when you go back to school, you'll face:
-Scumbag teachers *if any, although highly likely*
-Douchebags *students, janitors and even your local school textbook*
-Detention *if you're late*
-YOLO people *only in exam conditions*
-Lack of sleep *due to immense homework and the occasional 'pay attention in class'*
-Co-curricular activities *ranges from humping the toilet to flashing random middle fingers*
and well...
-Enrichment classes *it's for dumb people, but we make it sound nice*.
Damn it.

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