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Friday, July 6, 2012


WOOOOO. Awesome stuff man! My post is probably outdated and any soccer fan should know Spain have already won the Euro 2012, and kept their consecutive winning streak in major tournaments internationally to 3. Yeah, pretty neat. I must say, Spain's one touch passing is superb, for they even topped the table of teams for the most touches, passes and saves from Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who played a huge part in the penalty shoot-out against Portugal. This Spain team is striker-less but has much midfield power and great teamwork, enabling them to use wingers as attackers and midfielders as centre forwards, breaking through the toughest defense by merely passing swiftly, accurately and in correct timing with the run from other players. Pedro was pretty impressive and so was Jordi Alba, the soon-to-be Catalan as he moved from Valencia to Barcelona. His quick pace and progressive speed led him to score a goal against Italy and assist Xabi Alonso to score against France. Vincent Del Bosque must be proud....
and this is his reaction when Spain wins..

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