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Friday, July 27, 2012


Ah, the spirit of the igniting fire, originating from Athens, Greece, is now officially a few days away from beginning! Damn, I have waited far too long for 4 years and yes, now we get to see a whole month packed with international athletes and exciting sports! Well, Michael Phelps is a hot favorite in swimming, as is Usain Bolt in track and field and maybe Neymar in soccer. Just a short note, London Olympics is gonna be a cracker *le britsh accent*.
Asta la vista, baby.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

A tip or two on being SHERLOCK.

Ahh yes, not many are avid fans of Sherlock Holmes, and you do know that's purely bullshit. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE SHERLOCK HOLMES? HE'S A BOSS AT EVERYTHING HE DOES, and he pisses people off, commonly known as the 19th century douchebag created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Just to keep it brief and simple, the reason why Sherlock Holmes is that good at deduction and reasoning is not because he's born a genius, he's merely observant. Most people don't bother to look at a person's shoe say for example, but he does, and he takes note of every minor detail and establishes it into his mind as a tiny inference. Confused? Don't be. You should probably try people watching, as in going to crowded places to observe different people, and then try to pick out inferences or guesses alongside your partner. A few rounds of practice would help to improve. From there, all your inferences must link and come to one probably conclusion of that person, which tells about everything you infer from him. If say, you observe he doesn't have a watch on, and he has ruffled and untidy hair, the only possible inference is that he's lazy, doesn't care about his appearance and maybe loves to be unorganised in his work.
Well, I leave you with this picture to be amused at. Buahaha.
Truly, my fuck is given.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why Left Handers and Right Handers are different.

I know, you're probably gonna say, 'WHAT A LAME TOPIC!'. Well, it ain't in fact. It concerns basically every human on Earth, unless you don't have hands or legs...
I'm going to hell for this. I'm so sorry.
So apart from the jokes, let's talk serious. Left-handers use their right brains, and right-handers use their left brains. Confusing, but all you need to remember is that the hand matches directly opposite to the side of the brain. Apparently, left handers are much more creative and imaginative, they seem to have a panoramic view of everything, and they see things very differently from the right handers. The right-handers are well conversed in  logic, if not anything that seems adequate or correct. Most right handers are better in Maths or Science, as well as doing practical tasks involving reasoning, or basic skills. Left handers are more profound in diverse subjects such as English, literature, or even art. As for the ambidextrous, which is basically left and right-handers, it's probably presumed that they are both logically and creatively strong as they can use both hands, and both sides of the brains equally well. Left-handers have a disadvantage over most things, such as wielding guns, as they are designed for right-handers mostly, as well as other welding instruments or tools that suit the right hand only. Left-handers are pretty eccentric and have an interesting intellectual, whereas the right-handers are good in reasoning and can do mostly any tasks deemed fit for them.
Well, hope you know now about this freakin' thing.

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Friday, July 6, 2012


WOOOOO. Awesome stuff man! My post is probably outdated and any soccer fan should know Spain have already won the Euro 2012, and kept their consecutive winning streak in major tournaments internationally to 3. Yeah, pretty neat. I must say, Spain's one touch passing is superb, for they even topped the table of teams for the most touches, passes and saves from Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who played a huge part in the penalty shoot-out against Portugal. This Spain team is striker-less but has much midfield power and great teamwork, enabling them to use wingers as attackers and midfielders as centre forwards, breaking through the toughest defense by merely passing swiftly, accurately and in correct timing with the run from other players. Pedro was pretty impressive and so was Jordi Alba, the soon-to-be Catalan as he moved from Valencia to Barcelona. His quick pace and progressive speed led him to score a goal against Italy and assist Xabi Alonso to score against France. Vincent Del Bosque must be proud....
and this is his reaction when Spain wins..

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