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Friday, June 29, 2012


Alright, so it's come down to this. Quite a remarkable surprise that Italy actually won Germany in their Euro semi-final, with Mario Ballotelli netting two for Italy.
It's been an awesome Euro 2012, with upsets and surprises...
Spain won Portugal on penalties, with both sides having equally good chances. Russia got eliminated in the group stages due to UEFA's stupid HEAD TO HEAD RULE.
Pirlo's awesome penalty take, known as the 'Paneka', sang many praises, as well as Ramos' superb chip over Portugal goalkeeper Rui Patricio. NOW WHY DID HE BALLOON THE BALL IN REAL MADRID?
and Pirlo's shot, what a beauty:
as well as Ramos' paneka:

So much has happened during the Euros, but I'm pretty sure we all had a good time watching it. Well, next monday's the day to watch! 

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