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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Saturday, June 9, 2012

I bloody hate cockroaches.

Yes, that little pest you see on the floor. Dark brown, with feelers and wings, able to fly and certainly scaring the living crap out of everyone.
Holy crap.
They can live a week without a head. No kidding. And well, they're extremely dirty and unhygienic.
Also, they make good tools to scare douche bags/ people who are a nuisance to you. Hoho.
You are one ugly bitch.
Yuck. I don't even wanna touch them. Honestly, I'd prefer lizards over cockroaches as pests, they don't seem so scary and creepy.
How cute.
I'm not sure about you, I ain't sticking to cockroaches for as long as possible, even though they're dead. Time to get some Baygon.
Fear thy insecticide, cockroach.
And probably some bacon...
You heard him, bacon.
 *rhymes with bacon and Baygon* *laughs at lame joke*

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