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Saturday, June 23, 2012


So I decided to make tribute to Chuck Norris, the so called 'internet great of all time'. Now I hope he doesn't kill me.
Haha, Chuck Norris doesn't kill you, you kill yourself when you hear his name.
Oh god. Well, enjoy this poem I made for Chuck Norris, with his invincible strength and superhuman powers.

Chuck Norris, he's a god,
causes earthquakes with a nod
able to communicate with tons of dogs,
uses his teeth to chop off big-ass logs.

Chuck Norris, cannot be seen
even owns his own invisible ink
when he falls down an ocean opening
he's perfectly okay, but the ocean sinks.

Chuck Norris the extraordinaire,
doesn't actually breathes air
makes a pen knife out of his chest hair,
rules out his opponents with extreme flair.

Chuck Norris, damn he's good,
eats gun ammunition like it's food,
goes everywhere with a hood,
and everyone's going 'Woah, hold on dude!'

Chuck Norris, his fists are strong,
once he clenches them, he releases an atomic bomb,
he creates coffins during his free time,
so when he kills people, it'll fit into his tomb.

Chuck Norris, made of steel,
probably even harder, but who knew?
He can regenerate, he can heal,
you probably wouldn't even know your ass got copped a feel.

Chuck Norris, he's irreplaceable,
the one and only invincible,
if you look at him, you'll find him fap-able,
but I'm pretty sure if he finds out you'll be in deep trouble.
Spare me.

Hope you enjoyed the poem.

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