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Monday, May 28, 2012

Top 5 Comedy Sitcoms Of All Time

Yeah, new segment introduced to the blog. DUM DUM DUM. *drum rolls*
It's the 'Top 5' List of Everything. And today's topic is Comedy Sitcoms!

5. Seinfeld
Well, it might be an old show, but well, it sure is gold. For those of you who don't know this show, you might wanna take a look at it, comedian Jerry Seinfeld plays well, Seinfeld...
Dang it.
and the whole show is full of crazy situations and sex. Yes. Sex.

4. Friends

Ugh, 3 girls 2 cups?
Yeah, this is somewhat of a romance/social sitcom revolving around the lives of six people. A pretty old show that dates back to the '90s. Somewhere around there, I guess. And no, this show doesn't teaches you how to be a good friend, it makes you laugh at one.

Smart is the new sexy.
Personally one of my favorite sitcoms, it revolves around four 'nerds', the main one being 'Sheldon Lee Cooper', the guy in blue, an anti-socialist who has a weird habit of knocking on the door nine times every time he visits someone. Yes, there's a chick called Penny and sparks fly between her and the other nerds, not Sheldon *anti-social, remember*. Pretty scientifically funny...
That's a nice tie you got there.

2. 30 Rock
Rock on.
Well, this sitcom is pretty unique, having its theme revolving around employees working for a media corporation in this building called '30 Rockfeller Plaza', hence the name '30 Rock'.

Some of the quirky characters include a driven-by-power boss who's afraid of his mother, a single but sexually and socially awkward manager and a crazy-ass, mentally unsound negro who runs around the street with a lightsaber and wearing only underpants screaming 'I'm a Jedi!'. 

and lastly...
1. The Simpsons
The good ole' couch.
No surprise there. It's been the longest running cartoon sitcom show that spans for more than ten years, and to be precise, it began its debut on 17 December 1989 and broadcasted 508 episodes already, and obviously is still currently running. This sitcom has received internationally acclamation for its easy to understand story of a middle-class family consisting of Homer, the occasionally crazy alcoholic who's catchphrase is 'D'oh!'; Marge, the housewife with a weird fetish for clean things as well as her super long hair; Lisa and Bart, children of Homer and Marge, studying in Springfield, as well as Maggie, the toddler of the family, who can't speak and sucks on her pacifier * although she used a gun and shot Homer's boss *

Well, that's the top 5 in my opinion. 

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