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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 Reasons Why Barack Obama is BADASS.

Ahh yes, the first black president of United States. I'm not being racist here, I'm just saying Obama's become one of the most awesome figure in US history.
Woah dude, you just blew my mind there.
So...let's get down to business. 5 Reasons why Obama is badass.

5. Supported gay marriage in USA.
Yeah, what an absurd thing to do. Nice bow tie by the way. Now I'm sure most of you people would be skeptical about this and this issue has become a controversy in the USA. Well, you gotta admit, this guy has guts and stands up for what he believes in. 'It's all about commitment, I've seen same-sex couples stay committed for a long time'. Pfft yeah, still longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage.

4. Managed to kill Osama Bin Laden
Woah, dude. That's badass. Apparently, the fugitive that's been on the heels of the USA secret service and police organization has lasted so long, until Barack Obama came. True story bro, not easy shit to handle, since his the president of the United States and everyone's watching how he takes his action.
3. Featured in troll comics.
Muahaha, I know it isn't too great an accomplishment, but hey? His face is troll material. Don't believe me. You'll see.
Dang, this guy's good.
Well, it's obvious he has been the root of anger management problems but it's perfectly fine. Just try not to commit suicide so often.

2. Managed to quit smoking and kissed a chinese man in the process
What a role model. Before he was this:
I'm so high.
and after he was this:
Talk about gay marriage.
1. Managed to become US president when his race was looked down upon.

Major milestone of his life, true story. He managed to accomplished what Martin Luther King Jr. failed to do so. He beat the odds, against Mc Cain, and Hilary *in case you didn't know, they were contestants in the US election* and well, made US history as the world's first black president. Pretty neat eh. He's also quite the social guy, giving high fives and punches to citizens of America. 
Boo yeah. 
He managed to convince the people of America to have trust in him. And they did. So kudos, Obama.
I guess Superman has another kryptonite.

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