The Epic Blog Of Mine

The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yes...long hiatus eh? It's the god damn holidays, so it was obvious I had to cut some slack. Who wouldn't?
And I thank you blog-walkers for advertising your blogs, and spending your precious time to do it. nice. I'm pretty sure not many know of this blog so if you're reading this, I've eliminated the possible choices of who is reading it. People. LOL. Regardless of that, I still want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I have to say that this blog has been here for very long so as for the Afghans, screw off.
I used to do parodies and raps but I don't really have the mood now. I finished composing a song which you will not hear and this sentence is completely pointless to you right now. Also, here are some things I want you to try out.
1. Say EYE
2. Spell MAP
3. Say NESS
4. There you go.

Sigh, I'm tired and I have nothing else to write. Until then, see you.
I like people who are not naked. Generic term but yes, oh wait. I like people who are naked.
I'm straight. Until I took an ar...forget it.