The Epic Blog Of Mine

The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I thank you for my sexual recognition.*AHEM*

Yes, hello. Today we've all come here to acknowledge this twitter status update today. 'My scrotum busted today. Have to apply for fake implant now. Bravo, bravo.*Claps*
I gotta say, you have style man. You have style. Say, my arch nemesis maybe? Ehh, too cliche. Maybe one of my class mates? Possibly. So there you go. I thank you for acknowledging how awesome my scrotum is and yes, you can go suck it. Since you expertise in it, maybe you should go suck one. What ya think?

The tweet bird is officially the bird without  a 'tweet'.

Alright, and just to keep you updated, I am alive and well. Thank you for you humanely concern. Now screw off.