The Epic Blog Of Mine

The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Summary Of Me.

Hi. I'm so awesome. And you're not. In case you're wondering, my exams aren't over yet. Major tests coming up next week so (cross hands). Apart from that, I highly endorse stupidity. And idiocy as well. (Although they have the same meaning basically). I'm intellectually adaptable, though some of you people won't comprehend. (It's a high level joke. So laugh like you've never laughed before). Ironically, I love FPS games (due to the gore probably) and sexual stuff as well. I do impersonations, in case you didn't know, and you can't differentiate me from an Indian. (not skin tone, but voice impersonation). I do not like people of different colors, bad breath, incompetent people (I mean those people who act like one), stalkers, spammers, naked people, sexually weird or deprived people, Chuck Norris (LOL!), Twitter, CSI, Narnia (for some reason : / ). I like vulgarities, insults, sexual stuff, intellectually challenging shows, intellectually challenging arguments, nonsensical crap, overload of stupidity, British accents, Indian accents, Japanese bento bowls, Skillet, Nickelback (old fashion rock :D), The Script, A7x (avenged sevenfold), Barenaked Ladies, clean toilet bowls, Nickelodeon, epic cool pencil cases, epic cool friends and...myself. So there you go. The SHORT summary of me. Real SHORT.