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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stupidity = A Test Of Your Intelligence.

Alright earthlings. Let's all admit it. Somehow or other, we're all stupid. It's just HOW stupid are we. And hence, this post was created. For stupid people. Voila. Now, the definition of the word 'stupid' means 'being dumb enough to lose your virginity to a tree branch'. *Epic Definition FTW* There are tons of stupid people in this world, and even in my class. But with respect to their extreme stupidity, I shall not mention their names. I'm afraid they might go hit themselves with a rock or something. Homer Simpson once said 'Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups'. That is so true. Now let's get this clear with, Spongebob is not stupid. He's a cartoon character that acts like he's dumb. But for Justin Bieber, pfft, hell yeah. Too stupid to be true. *Epic Swearing* Not to worry, I've made a stupid-o-meter for all you guys to check how stupid you are. *applause* Ahhh, humanity. Gotta love it.

My great grandfather once told me this.
-The Stupid-O-Meter- *Epic Cheer*
How it works: 
You'll be given a stupid rating from 1-5. There will be guidelines for you to follow and you can check how stupid you are from there. Congratulations. You're one step away from being an idiot.

Guidelines to your stupidity:
1- Laughing at fat, black, gay people. Or Justin Bieber.
(You're only a tad bit stupid. Fear not.)
2-Squeezing your nipples during your free time.
(You should worry a bit. But it's under control.)
3-Watching High School Musical for 2 whole hours.
(Bad start. Be careful)
4-Thinking you can be the next Simon Cowell.
(He's irreplacable. Dream on.)
5-Claiming you're a human when you're in between a gigantic crowd of flesh-eating zombies.
(You're beyond repair.)
6- Reading this post.
(I tricked you, didn't I? Hehe.)

Well, well, well. Turns out otherwise. Don't take it too hardly on yourself. Stupidity is a natural process. We all can learn to live with it. NOT.
There are not stupid questions. Just stupid people.