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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Paul, Black Ops and getting-extremely-hyper-over-awesome-ness.

Mahalo. That's 'hello' for english. But for the stupid people, they think it's a vulgar word. Well, let them be. Just to let you know, (drum rolls) I got Call Of Duty : Black Ops. It was priced at $70 and I thought it was somewhat worth it, and I hoped it would have more modes-be it single or multi player ones apart from the awesomely addictive, blood spilling 'Zombie Mode'. The graphics were really epic, and it whooped other FPS video games' asses. The story line was ehhh but what can you do, it's a shooting game, not some extremely awesome story game. The manual that came along in the game was a complete piece of crap- no pictures, no hints, not much description and a miserable button control guide on how to control your player in the game. In case you didn't know how it looked like, there's a picture here:

This guy really needs to get a shower.

Aside from that, Paul, the epic-alien terrestrial, humanely humorous and adorably cute movie has came out. In case you were wondering, Paul's GREEN. He can drink beer, drive, slack on a couch and apparently knows what the hell a television is. Also, he has the heal. (WTF?! Epic lame crap music playing~) Alright, ain't gonna spoil it for you. Okay, I already did but I ain't gonna spoil it more for you. If you're an uber alien-human fan, move your piddly arse and give this movie a go! Paul is way cooler than E.T. Hands down. Here's the poster for Paul:
Ahh yes, the only Alien kiddo that knows how to be epic.
There is another epic movie I wanted to cover, 'Thor' that is, but I thought : "Give the Norse God a break. He's getting too much attention." So sorry Marvel Comic Fans, I have to let you down this time.
This week is (drum rolls) so....(even more drum rolls) awesome! (cymbals clap and irritates the crap out of everyone.) I got my Black Ops, I blasted through Zombie Mode with Leon, I felt great after my exams and...I became more awesome after talking to you guys. Man, this month is a shitful of good crap.
'The Awesome One' has to go do some Black-Op-sing now AND a parody for Justin Bieber's 'Baby'. For some 'sluts' I know. :D
I love tampons.