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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Baby Parody: Kill Them.

Now I know I said RubbaFace isn't gonna make more parodies, but this one has to go on my blog. Seriously. And well, if you're a female, this is sensitive. *Please leave immediately if you don't feel uncomfortable.* Alas, I present to you, the parody.

*Dum Dum Dum* Look at all those bitches there. *Dum Dum*
They are so ugly I swear *Dum Dum* Look at their pathetic hair! *DUM!*
1st Verse:
Idiotic buffoons, who can't think.
Crazy baboons, who look like dicks.
They have no brains,
they smell of shit.
They have no fame and no bloody armpits.
So god damn useless,
a waste of space.
Bunch of cheap sluts,
I'll punch their face.
Adolf Hitler wants to destroy,
a bunch of stupid looking girl who look like boys!
And we were like 'Kill Them Kill Them Kill Them ALL!'
Kill Them, Kill Them, Kill Them ALL! x2
We'll rip out their fucking eyes and piss on them
Repeat x2

2nd Verse:
Oh look at them, those 4 meat headed shit sacks. (I don't know why, but I prefer 4. For a reason, obviously).
Man, their faces are full of monkey crap.
Tie them to a house,
burn it to the ground,
watch them cry somemore,
we'll laugh at them right now.
Make them suffer,
those bloody bitches,
rip their hair apart,
dissect them into ten parts.
And let them *Slow Mo* suck some dick,
and we will laugh out loud,
we will tell them now

Oh yeah! When I first saw them,
they looked like bullshit,
I couldn't compare them to human beings,
coz they were so stupid, every single one of them.
They were just grade A dog crap,
they had no common sense,
they were so fucking stupid,
when they pee-ed, they went to the gents.
They were just backstabbers,
a bunch of useless girls who betray people for their,
own gain and benefits,
but what they didn't really know was that,
we weren't blind, yeah
we knew what they did,
those useless pieces of shit,
and now it's payback,
we're gonna let them have it,

Kill them all, make them suffer more x3
Fuck those sluts.

So there ya' go. I'm pretty sure it's awesome. I took about 1 hour on this. And I do have an Apologize Parody about my 'awesomeness'. I'll post that sometime later.