The Epic Blog Of Mine

The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Rubbaface's gone rock!

Hey guys. It's RubbaFace now. Or you can call me RockFace. I've gone completely rock now. Christian rock, death metal, rock-pop and all other genres involving rock. \m/
Anyway, here are some epic quotations(very emo) that I invented:

Thorns of poison, the devil's work. Barbs of hell, where I become berserk.
Feel your faith, feel your pain. Numb to the core, numb to the vein.
Spear of imperfection, pricking through my skin. The power of irritation, gets within my inner sin.
Devour the good, cherish the evil. Nightmares from below, all by the devil.
Blood that flows, blood that cries. Bind together, they form my eyes.
Release the inner demon, fufil what's needed to do. The darkness of my soul, is what makes me part of you.

So how about that, eh?
Epic rock huh.
RockFace \m/