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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adolf Hitler = Epic.

Man, I have got to say this people. Adolf Hitler is so epic. Yes, he might be a notorious general that controlled Germany fiercely but still...we have to give credit to his epic-ness. This video won't fail to disappoint you, I promise. So take a look here:
Adolf Hitler At His Best :D (click on the link)
'Oh crap. I don't have a Facebook account.'

 So..Adolf Hitler = Epic. Big time.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Naked Mannequins Are Adorable.

Yeah, it's Linc again. Apparently epic stuff happen to me all the time. And this time it's in this post. Many people think the naked is porn. I don't think so. Me and Patrick happened to be walking around the shops of Tiong Bahru Plaza talking about nonsense and crap. Then we stumbled onto this shop called 'More Than Words', a gift shop. The shop was filled with gifts ( it was a gift shop) and erm, guess what. We found a mannequin only from the waist down wearing some advertised clothing. Then THIS happened.
You might wanna get your children out of this page.
Ahh yes, that's me standing next to erm...that. And it felt good somehow. So LOL at it and feel happy that you found a blog worth laughing at. Naked mannequins are so adorable. Period. Oh well, thank god it was a mannequin. If it were real, I'd wonder what would happen.
Till next time,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oreo + Fat People = Epic Win.

Woo. 50th Post. Alright then, let's get down to the point. What's black and white and has cream inside?(Don't think dirty ;D) It's Oreo! Kraft is brilliance. \m/

Heaven is right in front of you.
Next up on our list is fat people! Fat people are hard to kidnap. Yep. Hard to kidnap.
But don't look down on them. They can crush you. So hard. Say goodbye to your existence if they do. They are much much powerful then gravity.
Here is a list I created of the pros and cons of being fat:
-Hard to kidnap (LOL)
-99 percent chance of not being a bully victim (the other 1 percent goes to fat nerds)
-Most likely Harry Potter fans.
-More chins then Chinatown.
-Possible cause of killing Justin Bieber. (sorry people, had to disappoint you)
-Gives you a lot to laugh at.
-Slower movement
-Unhealthy (somewhat of)

So there you go! Another reason to have slabs of meat coming outta ya body.
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
Voila. Beautiful. Bye. Bitch.

I hate spammers.

Let's come down to reality. What has the internet given us? There is knowledge, porn and there's this special group called...the spammers. Ahh yes, spammers. Spammers, spammers, spammers. Like what my best buddy-spammer used to say 'Fogfgjkjdfkfujkj!'. No seriously. Why the spam? Spamming is a painful process where you randomly press letters on your keyboard and you feel delighted 'coz you basically owned that guy.
Ok, this has nothing to do with spamming but I find it unusually epic. (Click on the picture if you can't see the words).
They don't call him God for nothing.
There's no possible way to stop spam, and it would be cool if a 'Spam Warrior' existed. Saving the internet world from spamming and still enjoying porn at the same time. Ahh, how awesome could that be.
Oh well, not much left to say except 'Breathe More Oxygen'.
Remember to exist!

Whaddup with Thailand?

Alright what-ever-your-name is, I have a life. And my name is Lincoln.( I do have a chinese name, but obviously Lincoln sounds cooler). So basically for today( and yesterday as well), I had Thailand people coming to our school for some kind of weird ass visit. On Monday, three thailand people (that's bad enough) came to our class and lucky me, one of them sat near me. (Sarcasm detected. Lol here). Now, I'm not saying I have a grudge against Thailand people but it's just I DON'T like them. Period. Then on Tuesday, there was assembly and a couple of Thailand students taught as how to speak Thailand. With all due respect, I didn't bother to remember what they taught (everyone too) and making Thailand words sound like vulgarities was somewhat of an epic cool thing. Seriously. Patrick LMAO-ed the whole time and I laughed too. So kids, never ever try this at home. The only thing you'll get is a bucket full of haters and some guy without his pants on. (Pfft, like that would happen).
Just so you know, Thailand is situated between the left side of my crotch to the right side of my crotch.

.So...anyone up for nudles?

Well, that's all...for now.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Imperfection is what deceives us. Imperfection is what unites us. Imperfection is within us, but we just don't know it. People strive to do their best, strive to be PERFECT. But somehow, everyone isn't. You have to understand the logic of life in order to understand imperfection. Without that, you'd be going nowhere.

Imperfection isn't a sin. It's what we're born with.

The most commonly misunderstood definition of imperfection is to sin. Well obviously these people who think imperfection is sinning are just finding an excuse to get out of the guilty conscience they're in. And it is actually they, who sin. If you've ever failed a test, looked down on yourself, think you're never perfect- don't. Imperfection is part of our existence, the human race. And it brings us closer because we know- we can never be perfect. This moral itself can explain how mankind makes mistakes even if they didn't want to. They just happen. Humans err. They're supposed to. So next time you think you've failed a test and you wanna die- think again.



Greed is the devil's hand tool. Greed is the bomb waiting to destruct. Greed is the tomb that is open for you to go in and never come out. Greed is never good. See the amount of damage it has caused to Libya, because of greed? General Garaffi is made up of greed. His country has been under his power for so long; under corruption that is. Don't abuse the power you have because of greed.

Greed consumes. And feeds on your mind.
Greed consumes you, like venom on an innocent soul. Humans err, but obviously they can change their errors to become better. But many fail to do that. Remember, HOPE exists, only if you think it does. If you're led astray, never fret. You still can turn back. But if you choose not to, Greed and other immoral values of inhumanity will consume you.


Saturday, March 26, 2011


Without hope, there is no existence. Hope is in us. Hope is everywhere. The power of hope heals burdened souls. Japan needs hope. They seriously do. Pray For Japan. Pray for them. Pray they still have hope inside them. Pray that hope will lift up their damaged hearts.
Pray For Japan, Pray For Hope, Pray For Peace.
 I hope hope is inside every one of you. Please have the heart to pray for those people suffering in Japan. The pain and agony they are in is unimaginable. Go to the link below to donate and help the people of Japan. Thanks.



Work Of Sin

You people should know what you've done. What you've done. What sin you've committed. What betrayal you've unleashed upon.
For all you sinners, fuck you.

You people are the WORK OF SIN. It's perfectly normal for any human being to sin. We all have a choice to what we do, and sometimes sin forces us to act upon it. But not in all cases. Most of the time, you are in control with yourself. It's just that you let IT control YOU. Sinning has a large definition. Betrayal, Lust, Cold-Blooded, Greed, Contempt. Everyone sins, but they don't sin like it's their job. So for all you sinners out there, fuck you. The world definitely needs less people like you to exist. 



Hello fellow viewers. You may be wondering where RubbaFace has went to and guess what, he's right here.
Metamorphosis makes the world change. The word itself is change. Hence, RubbaFace is gone. Forget about him. Forget about his parodies. Forget about how he made you laugh. There's a new face for RubbaFace, and his name is Lincoln. Everything in this blog has changed. Including you. So keep in mind, you...are the greatest change of all.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Rubbaface's gone rock!

Hey guys. It's RubbaFace now. Or you can call me RockFace. I've gone completely rock now. Christian rock, death metal, rock-pop and all other genres involving rock. \m/
Anyway, here are some epic quotations(very emo) that I invented:

Thorns of poison, the devil's work. Barbs of hell, where I become berserk.
Feel your faith, feel your pain. Numb to the core, numb to the vein.
Spear of imperfection, pricking through my skin. The power of irritation, gets within my inner sin.
Devour the good, cherish the evil. Nightmares from below, all by the devil.
Blood that flows, blood that cries. Bind together, they form my eyes.
Release the inner demon, fufil what's needed to do. The darkness of my soul, is what makes me part of you.

So how about that, eh?
Epic rock huh.
RockFace \m/

The Poem Of Crap

Supp' people! Rubbaface here. It's been a long time I did any parodies but this time I came up with a poem. Always say this to your loved one during valentine's day:

When I think of you, I think of a crippled pig.
Of all the things I could give you, I would give you a dick.
Your teeth makes the sky cry,
your boobs are the size of two houseflies.
You look neither male nor female,
what's worst is I would give you up for a mug of ginger ale.

You shower me with tender care and concern,
I return the favor by sending you to live with the Arabians.
Beyond the limits of our love, you would go all out for me,
and what I would do is throw you into a hive full of blood sucking bees.
You think I look cute,
I think you can't even fit in an extra large swimming suit,
You arrange with me on dates,
I scream with horror for you have AIDS.
But still, your love spreads like a flower,
and you smell of 10 days without a shower.
The mountains are inspiring to me,
but you, my darling, is very bitchy.
And so, I wave a final good bye,
thank god you're leaving me for another guy.
Let us remember the times before we part,
for you remind me of...a fucked up slut.
Yours Sincerely,
RubbaFace. \m/