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Friday, July 23, 2010

American Idol Parody- Part 3

Hey, hey, hey! This is the parody you've been waiting for. it comes. The last of the sequel to American Idol. Enjoy.

Ryan: It's down to Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. Who will win? When will I ever get my wig back? Why is Simon as shitty as ever? America, this is your choice! This is American Idol! (Ryan drops the mike and strips himself in front of Paula. Apparently he took one too many beers.)

(Kris Allen sings) (Applause)
Simon: I thought it was not bad. But it could have been better. Just like the beef steak that I just ate. The pepper spoiled the taste. Yuck.

Paula: Oh whatever Kris! You sang brilliantly! Now let me play my TapTap!!!

Randy: That was Funk-key man! You deserve to win and I deserve to get Punked on MTV!!

(Adam Lambert glares at Kris hoping his penis would explode)

(Adam Lambert sings and gets a standing ovation)
Simon: That was as gay as ever. But I liked it. Well done. Bitch.
Paula:  Your are on fire, Adam! So am I! I reached the top highscore for TapTap! Woohoo!
Randy: It's a very tough choice between you two...I don't know. How 'bout someone bribe me? I just wanna MTV mug! How hard is it?

Ryan: America, you have voted! And the winner is....
(Suddenly, Zac Effron charges on stage wearing school clothes)
Zac: We're soaring! We're flying!
Ryan gets mad and his face turns red.
Ryan: What the hell are you doing?
Zac: I thought this was High School Musical??
Ryan: No, it isn't!!! Get out of here!

(The crowd boos! They throw apples, tomatoes and even David Beckham's advertisement for LanVin underwears)
Simon: Boo! I don't want you Seacrest. Your hosting is very very, FAIL.
Paula: (still playing taptap) Screw it! I'm out of battery!! (Lol)
Randy: If I don't get anything related to MTV, I'm gonna screw all of you!!

Simon pushes Ryan out of the stage and Ryan is unconcious. He snatches the mikes and says in his brit accent, "Allow me to continue from that annoying puddle of shit". "The winner of American Idol is....Zac Effron!"
Zac is shocked and cries. Kris and Adam decide to make out as they were too pissed and well, had nothing better to do.
Zac jumps and Simon sits back, sipping his cola and spilling it and Randy.

Two weeks Later...
Ryan is found brain-damaged and diagnosed with a brain tumour. Tears roll down his eyes and he weeps in pain and agony. Mourning in grief, his face was ceased with sorrows and sadness. He tilts his head down and waits to die. Simon and the rest of the judges remain in total silent. Not a sound could be heard. Then, Simon, who couldn't control his laughter anymore, burst out saying, "You giant sucker! Hahahahahaha! What a bitch!"

The End.

Well, I tried my very best to make it as humourous as possible. It's fictional, I know that but, well, that's the only way it's gonna be funny. Well, that's all folks. RubbaFace waving goodbye.
RubbaFace(Peace yo!)