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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Under My Umbrella: Parody

This is RubbaFace here. Yo. Here's a song for you guys...its called: Under my big fat belly.

Whatcha lookin' at?
You look so freakin' fat!
You look like a crane,
but you don't have a brain.

I know you're very sad
There's no need to cry
There's no need to eat
There's no need to feed

Now's the time to repent
If not I'll just have to spent
the rest of my whole life
Under your big, fat belly
Fats, fats, fats, fats, fats
Your tummy looks like bouncy jelly
Fats, Fats, Fats, fats, fats

It may seem hard
Please don't consume lard
Its bad for your body
and your big fat belly

Yeah, nobody wants to be your friend
You feel sad, you feel depressed
I know that, I understand
You're gonna eat till its the end

People just can't seem to see
You look like a damn big sissy
You eat a lotta of burgers
That's why you're a chimpanzee

Fats, fats, fats, fats, fats
Under your big fat belly,
Fats x 5.

Your just like a hippo
You can't dance disco
coz you are too fat
That's why you go 'splat'

That's all, for now.
Hope you enjoyed it! :)