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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time to say goodbye: Parody

Sorry YunFai. I can't make songs without ya. This is another one for you. Chill....
RubbaFace FTW.

Time to be wise,
Let's revise,
Let's wreck our heads,
Like Yun Fai the smelly pang sai!

Now is the moment of truth,
Science always needs us to find proof,
English just freaking sucks
And Yun Fai looks just like a duck
Who had constipation, revision,
Evaluation, Alien abduction,
Let's stuff a theremometer into his ass
and let's see him grow two big breasts

YunFai, go pang sai,
flush toilet,
never clean back sai
so smelly, its very dirty
YunFai please I know you hate me
Forgive me
You're nothing
You have no hygiene!!!!!