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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Friday, May 28, 2010

GreenSleeves Parody- Facebook

Hello again people! This is RubbaFace here. As you all know, Facebook is a very popular social network site. And that the more reason I should make a parody of it. So Facebook, this one's for you.

There was a social network called,
Facebook and it was so popular!!!
Millions, billions and thrillions were hooked
and all of them were in a blur...

Farmville, pets society,
Mafia Wars, Restaurant City!!!
They are all apps that make you crazy
and make you foot up with all of your money!

Facebook robs your social life,
They sneak, they peek, they always cheat!!
Facebook is like a bee's hive,
Once they catch you, you are so dead meat!!

Facebook, gets you hooked,
They're nothing but a bunch of crooks,
Please,be wise, don't fall in their trap.
You know they're fake piles of crap!!!

Spend time on Facebook and make friends,
do what your told and follow the trend,
But let me give you a helping hand,
do not obey and run while you can.

Repeat Verse.

Facebook is on a big prowl,
for all things good and all things nice,
When you hear the distant howl.
you know its Facebook in disguise

Repeat Verse

Alas the world is all doomed,
the sky is so dark and all is gloom,
there is no hope, no chance, no cure,
We are under evil facebook's lure!!!


This is my longest song yet so WOOT. Gotta go. Chow.