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Friday, May 28, 2010

Barney Parody- Jang Moon Young

Chill man. RubbaFace in. Piss off. Nah. RubbaFace wanna tell you something. Parody. Jang Moon Young. That sucka. The song. Here.

Lyrics(Barney Theme Song):
Jang Moon Young, she's a ko-re-an,
she likes to eat kimchi,
stuffing in ten pounds of crap,
she looks like a chimpanzee

Jang Moon Young likes Bae Yong Jun, she likes Rain, she likes snoopy,
let me tell you something about her she's so damn freakin' bitchy!!

Jang Moon Young she's in choir, her hobby is singing,
she flunked her mathematics and that's why she's always failing!!

Jang Moon Young when she opens her mouth to start to sing,
everything goes haywire, coz her mouth really stinks!!

End Of Song

This is a short song so it has little lyrics. :) Not to worry, a new song will be coming up. Or at least a new story. Tar-tar.
RubbaFace :)